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dAHler Coilover Suspension for THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20

dAHler Coilover Suspension for THE 3 – BMW 3 series Sedan G20

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If you are looking for the next level of suspension performance for your BMW 3 series G20 Sedan, dAHLer’s coilovers with adjustable ride height is the answer.
Height adjustment from 25 to 60 mm (1.0 to 2.4 inches) vehicle lowering (depending upon BMW type). Rust-free stainless-steel design, sporty and comfortable in the normal range, appealingly tense in the threshold.

In a vehicle, shock absorbers reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling. While shock absorbers serve the purpose of limiting excessive suspension movement, their intended sole purpose is to damp spring oscillations.

The dAHLer performance coilover kit for your BMW 3 series G20 Sedan offers a sporty, adjustable suspension with significant performance advantages, in which high-quality materials and coatings are used to replace your worn suspension, while your vehicle receives the perfect ride height!

Due to its height-adjustability, the perfect setting for what you want to do is possible with our Coil Over Suspension system for your BMW 3 series G20 Sedan.

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