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dAHler Performance Lowering Kit for BMW M2 CS F87

dAHler Performance Lowering Kit for BMW M2 CS F87

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Lowering Kit / Sports Spring Set are the first step in suspension performance enhancement. A dAHLer lowering kit for your BMW M2 CS is a performance spring set created for the serious enthusiast.

Sport Spring Set

Standard Suspension
Front Lowering: 30 mm/1.2″
Rear Lowering: 20 mm/0.8″

Max. axle weight front:
970 kg
max. axle weight rear:
1080 kg

Springs Work perfectly with stock dampers with and without with EDC function.

A sports spring set with the lowest possible drop but with the exceptional ride quality you expect from a high-class tuner like dAHLer.

Using progressive spring technology to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity. This proprietary progressive design delivery, both a smooth softer initial spring rate for exceptional ride quality combined with a stiffer final rate for high performance handling of your BMW M2 CS.

The benefits of a lower stance are many. Let’s begin with the performance advantages of a dAHLer sports spring set / lowering kit installed in your BMW M2 CS.

A dAHLer lowering kit equipped BMW M2 CS exhibit reduced body roll in corners as well as reduce squat during acceleration and diminish nosedive under braking.

Another performance advantage that is often overlooked is the reduced drag coefficient. A dAHLer sports spring set for the BMW M2 CS provides the ultimate balance between high performance, extreme lowering and comfortable ride quality.

All dAHLer Performance Lowering Springs for BMW and BMW M cars were thoroughly evaluated on the street, track and unrestricted German Autobahn.

Each set of our Lowering Springs for BMW M cars is manufactured in Germany at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, and tested by the German TUV according to the latest regulations to fulfill the highest safety standards.

A dAHLer lowering kit for your M2 CS also reduces the excessive fender gap and when combined with our dAHLer CDC1 aluminum or forged wheels, the result is a BMW car that handles just as hot as it looks for driving to a whole new level.

– Switzerland’s leading Performance Suspension Spring System
– Engineered and tested to work perfectly with stock dampers
– First step towards a complete sport suspension system
– Lower center of gravity – lowers vehicle up to 25 mm (1 inch)
– Lowering = Traction + Attraction
– Progressive spring design for an awesome ride quality
– Great longevity, material quality and durability
– Race-car like handling
– Made in Germany
– Comes with TUV Part Approval
– Worldwide 3-year product warranty

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