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High-Class Car Performance Tuning for BMW, BMW X and BMW M cars

dAHLer Competition Line Switzerland & Germany

BMW tuning parts specialist dAHLer Competition Line with headquarters in Switzerland has been the leading source of high-performance BMW tuning parts and BMW accessories in Switzerland since 1996.

dAHLer Competition Line Germany limited liability corporation is the official branch of dAHLer Competition Line Switzerland and offers worldwide shipping. It’s run by its CEO Jorg Wey who has been working in the tuning sector for over 20 years and is therefore able to contribute the necessary experience.

dAHLer Competition Line offers a broad range of BMW tuning performance products from engine tuning performance upgrades, coil-over suspensions, lowering kits, performance exhaust systems, performance mufflers, alloy and forged wheels, interior parts as well as chassis tuning components that will transform your stock car into a true Ultimate Driving machine.

Our Engine Performance Tuning Module for BMW, BMW X and BMW M cars is a direct plug in to the existing (OEM) engine harness for a factory appearance and fitment and an instant hp and Nm / ft-lbs gains. There are only POSITIVES. The customer will simply be blown away by the power increase.

The Engine Performance Tuning Module BMW, BMW X and BMW M cars is completely reversible to OEM specs and installs in less than an hour just in a few simple steps. This will be a safely upgrade which makes this the easiest and most effective power upgrade you will ever make on your BMW. For a substantial increase in power output, with minimal downtime for installation, full serviceability, and can be reverted back to stock then this Engine Performance Tuning Module power upgrade is best!