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dAHLer Cat-Back Exhaust System BMW M2 G87

dAHLer Cat-Back Exhaust System BMW M2 G87

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G87 BMW M2 Exhaust

Experience dÄHLer HP-Line

We offer cat-back exhaust systems for the BMW M2 G87 with a sound that has to be experienced.

An addition to our exceptional performance upgrades for the BMW M2 G87 are our dÄHLer exhaust systems, taking it to the next level.

You’re looking for a high-quality made stainless-steel cat-back exhaust system (EU Models) for your BMW M2 G87 with OPF filter?

dÄHLer High-Performance line will be the right choice.

Approved and tested by the German TUV the High-Performance system comes with a European Homologation according to the latest emission standards and is also EPA compliant (USA).

A dAHLer high-performance exhaust systems for the BMW M2 G87 handcrafted from high quality 1.4301 stainless steel and are made by a team of specialists at an certified facility.

Experience dÄHLer RedLine – For those who want a little more (outside EU)

A dÄHLer RedLine exhaust system for the BMW M2 G87 comes with a high-performance muffler and 2 exhaust valves with a much more aggressive sound then the stock muffler but still be perfectly livable for daily driving.

dÄHLer RedLine is the most aggressive sounding performance exhaust system that dÄHLer offers for the BMW M2 G87. What that basically means is this muffler specifically designer on the engineer BMW vehicle to have that aggressive sound, yet still provide no drone at highway speeds.

The dÄHLer RedLine exhaust system comes with a bespoke H-Pipe to replace the stock front resonator (unlocks a smooth tone out of the S58) and includes a high-flow, valve controlled, stainless-steel performance muffler.

Our RedLine exhaust system for the BMW M2 G87 is here to improve your driving experience with an awesome sound and a noticeable bump in performance.

Under normal driving conditions, our valve-controlled performance muffler stays closed, as operation of exhaust valves is unchanged and the dAHLer RedLine exhaust system is quite unassuming. But, when you open hit the throttle, the valve-controlled system opens up the valves and our dÄHLer RedLine exhaust system gives your car that menacing growl.

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No check engine lights, no re-programming of your car or anything silly is required after installation of our exhaust systems. All dÄHLer exhaust systems for the BMW M2 G87 are compatible with models as well as cars with and without OPF catalytic converter and are EPA compliant.

For those who want to be fully in command of the exhaust sound at any time and get the race car like feeling, dÄHLer offers a valve controller.

If you want more sound for and be in control at all times make sure to check out the category Exhaust Valve Controller.

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